Thursday, January 12, 2012

Outfit Of The Day 1.12.12

Hello My Gorgeous!
I wanted to create an outfit that fits not only the California weather, but the wallet as well (:  Here's an outfit in which each item costs under $15 dollars.

This is the breakdown from top to bottom just so you can see how inexpensive it really is to create a complete outfit without breaking the bank!
  • Earring: the pair was around $1.90 at Forever 21(it came in a pair for $3.80 but I wore only one for this outfit)
  • Bracelets: The bronze set was $1.50 at Forever 21, the brown wood one came from a set at H&M and the gold one came in a set of four for $7.80 (costing $1.95 each bangle)
  • Shirt: $8.00 at a local boutique
  • Belt: $13.00 at TJ Maxx
  • Cargo Pants: $2.50 at Sears Outlet (that's right...only $2.50!!)
  • Socks: $0.50 (It came in a pack of two for only $1.00 at H&M)
  • Boots: $13.00 at Old Navy the total of this entire outfit came out to be only...*drum roll please*....$42.35!!
It just goes to show that you don't need a lot of money to make a fabulous outfit.  Hope you all have a fashionful weekend!

<3 Kathy

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